Personal Challenge

Embarking on a personal challenge is a great way to push your limits, achieve new milestones, and inspire others along the way.

Whether it’s running a marathon or a long-distance ride with friends or family, sign up for a personal challenge and nominate ARA as your chosen charity.
ARA’s fundraising team can also suggest events you can sign up for or help find a personal challenge that excites and motivates you or your team.

Take a step towards achieving your goals and make your challenge count for courageous people seeking a brighter life in Australia.

Would you like to set up a fundraising page for your personal challenge?

Setting up your own fundraising page is a great way to promote and share with your friends and family, school or colleagues and keep everyone up to date with how your going and all your milestones.

Getting started is easy!

To set up your own fundraising page click Start a Personal Challenge.

  • Enter your details in ‘create an account’
  • In ‘page set’ up you can either set up a page to fundraise as an ‘individual’ or as a ‘team’ and invite people to your page
  • You can click ‘Edit Page’ to change your picture and write about what you’re doing in ‘your story’

You can share your or your team’s URL link or via the share button on your fundraising page.

Donors to your page will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt by email.

You can donate by clicking the ‘Donate Today’ button below if you have already collected a donation.

If you have any questions, please contact our fundraising team: or call us on 08 8354 2951

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