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Community Support Program

ARA is an Approved Proposing Organisation (APO) under the Department of Home Affairs’ Community Support Program (CSP). This means we can collaborate with Australian Supporters who want to help refugees settle in Australia and to ensure they get a warm welcome and have all the resources they need as they adjust to their new environment.

What does an Australian Supporter do? As an Australian Supporter, you’ll play a significant role in empowering refugees to create their new life in Australia. Support like yours is crucial in helping them meet the requirement of achieving financial stability within the first 12 months of living in their new country. Supporters can nominate a person with a refugee background for the Community Support Program (CSP). ARA then partners with you to help the people you’re supporting to integrate into the Australian community.

To be considered as an Australian Supporter, you will need to demonstrate your capacity to financially support the applicant/s included in the visa.

You will also need to:

  • Not be an illegal maritime arrival (arrived after 13 August 2012),
  • Provide evidence of your financial ability to support applicants upon their arrival,
  • Contribute to visa application fees and APO fees,
  • Support applicants by providing household goods and accommodation,
  • Arrange financial sponsorship through an Assurer of Support if needed.


Who is eligible for the CSP?

Applicants need to have a connection with Australia through friends or family to apply for the CSP. A family member, community organisation or business with an interest in supporting you – known as your Australian Supporter – can apply for the program on your behalf.

ARA as an Approved Proposing Organisation (APO) can help you apply.

CSP applicants need to understand and abide by the regional, global and settlement priorities of the Australian Government. You will also need to meet all the Class XB (subclass 202) visa criteria.

As an APO, ARA screens potential applicants and Australian Supporters against the requirements of the CSP and ensures suitable support is available for the applicant before lodging their Class XB (subclass 202) visa application.

The main CSP applicant needs to:

  • Be aged between 18 and 50,
  • Speak adequate English,
  • Have an offer of employment (or a pathway that leads to employment), OR
  • Have personal attributes that enable them to become financially self-sufficient within 12 months of their arrival in Australia,
  • Be from a priority resettlement caseload.


How much does it cost to support a CSP applicant?

To support applicants upon their arrival in Australia, the Australian Supporter needs to demonstrate they have the financial capacity to cover all CSP application and settlement costs.

As an Australian Supporter, you will also be responsible for paying for things such as:

  • Visa application charges
  • Medical and DNA screenings
  • Airfares
  • Settlement services
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