Our Work

The Australian Refugee Association (ARA) wants every new person who comes to Australia to feel like they’re home. If you’ve recently arrived in Australia from a refugee or migrant background, ARA’s services and programs can help empower you to settle, gain confidence, contribute and thrive in your new community.

The list below explains the ways that ARA can support you.

ARA connects new arrivals with information, programs and services in your local community, so you’ll feel like you’re home.

We can guide you to find work for financial stability and a sense of belonging, through employment workshops and job search advice.

Refugee and migrant  families face unique challenges. Through case management, counselling, crisis assistance, parenting courses and activities, we can support you to move forward.

Without fluency in English or knowledge of Australia’s healthcare system, accessing healthcare can be difficult for refugee and migrant families. We can help.

Reuniting families is ARA’s highest priority. Our experienced migration agents provide guidance with visa applications, residency, citizenship and more.

Every young person is entitled to dream big!
ARA’s support and group programs provide a platform to launch you towards your goals.

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