Regular Giving

Make a lasting impact

By becoming a regular donor to ARA you can change the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Courageous refugees need support to transition and thrive in their new home

Every refugee deserves the chance to achieve their best, but for many refugee families, complex barriers including language, trauma, health issues, and lack of knowledge of mainstream services stand in the way of their ability to successfully contribute economically and socially in Australian society.

Your monthly gift will ensure more refugees get the crucial ongoing support they need to overcome these hurdles and live happy, healthy and productive lives.

More support to refugee families in need

As a monthly donor you will maximise your impact and play a crucial role in enabling ARA to develop and deliver a wide range of sustainable programs and services that support people from refugee backgrounds at various stages of their lives.

Your generosity will help us provide vital services such as emergency relief, community education, support for victims of domestic violence, free assistance with migration issues, support programs for young people and promoting cultural awareness across our communities.

More convenient for you

Make a monthly tax-deductible donation of your choice that can be modified at any time. Set your regular payment and know that your contribution is in good hands and will be used to support the most vulnerable people in our community. You will get one end-of-year tax receipt and keep our admin costs down.

$16 a month could provide materials for our weekly homework clubs for four students.

Young individuals who flee from troubled homelands to settle in Australia with their families often face significant challenges in adjusting to their new environment. Within families, there can often be conflict as a result of past trauma and significant changes in circumstances, and in these complex cases, education is often impacted.

With early support from dedicated case managers and educational and youth support programs, we can assist them during difficult periods and ensure they continue to have access to educational opportunities.

$35 a month could help provide groceries and essential items for a family of new arrivals. 

Refugee families in South Australia are faced with severe housing insecurity due to the ongoing rental crisis. Families and sometimes single parents struggle to keep up with rent and bills amid escalating living costs. With no available emergency housing and lacking familial support, families are often faced with the looming threat of homelessness.

With your support, we can provide extensive case management and support, emergency food, and essential items to help them through this challenging period.

$50 a month could provide short-term accommodation for people facing family domestic violence.

Unfortunately, there are times when people we care for have apparent signs of neglect or abuse when receiving support. Dedicated and caring caseworkers often see people several times before there is any disclosure of abuse.

It is a delicate and personal experience to disclose you are a victim of any abuse, often complicated by a desire to protect children, often being described as trapped in a nightmare.

To ensure an immediate and safe escape from these situations, perilous undertakings require meticulous planning and ample resources to ensure their safety.

A small regular donation can make a big difference!

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