You can help Afghans reunite with their loved ones

You can help Afghans reunite with their loved ones

*If you are a member of the Afghan community and would like to attend an information session about migration visas, please call 08 8354 2951 or email

The sessions would be available on Zoom and translators will be in attendance.

Damsa* fled Afghanistan and with the help of the Australian Refugee Association (ARA), she joined her husband in Adelaide in 2019. In doing so, she had to leave her mother Aaisha* behind in Pakistan where the Taliban still has a stronghold.

Since then ARA has helped Damsa’s continuing efforts to get a humanitarian visa for Aaisha. The process is complex, expensive and emotionally taxing.

ARA has been inundated with distraught people like Damsa desperate to help their loved ones to safety in Australia.

If you feel helpless at the situation in Afghanistan, you can do something practical and life-changing to help local Afghans get their loved ones to safety.

You can donate to Afghan Azizan, a special program offering free and subsidised migration assistance for local Afghans.

“Azizan” means “loved ones”. Afghan communities in Australia are terrified for their loved ones in Afghanistan and third countries. Many who are sponsoring their family members have had visa applications underway for over 7 years now.

Their only hope is a visa. But the migration visa system is prohibitively expensive and almost impossible to navigate without legal assistance.

Afghan Azizan will concentrate on where we can make a practical and immediate difference: supporting offshore humanitarian applications for those like Aaisha who have fled Afghanistan but still face danger in third countries.

With your help, ARA can offer pro-bono legal assistance to those desperately trying to bring their loved ones to safety.

Your gift to Afghan Azizan can help ARA’s in-house Migration Team to:

• run free information workshops for concerned local Afghan communities

• waive or subsidise fees for migration consultations, and

• waive or subsidise visa application lodgement fees.

$50 can help fund a free migration consultation for a concession card holder
$120 can help fund the translation of supporting documents for visa applications
$300 funds a 2 hour migration workshop for Afghan community members
$500 can help fund a contract to lodge a visa application

Together, we can give hope and practical help to local Afghans and their Azizan – people like Damsa and Aaisha. Thank you most sincerely for your support.

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