You can change everything for Rasida

You can change everything for Rasida

Through the Emergency Support Service you can give Rasida a safe and swift escape from a violent home.
When Rasida* attended an appointment with her husband Ola* to access services, their case worker knew something was not right.

Ola did all the talking, while Rasida cradled her pregnant belly and stared at her two-year-old daughter playing on the floor. Rasida’s clothes were dirty. Her shoes were two sizes too big. On the rare moments she made eye contact, her eyes were empty. The case worker convinced Ola that Rasida should join a women’s social group.

After a few group sessions, Rasida started to feel safe. It was then that she told her case worker, “I am in a nightmare”.

Since arriving in Adelaide on a spousal visa two years ago, Rasida has suffered physical, sexual, and financial abuse from Ola. Her greatest heartbreak is for her children. Ola has beaten her during both pregnancies. And now their young daughter has stopped speaking after witnessing the abuse. Rasida is in despair.

“I don’t scream when he beats me now, I don’t want my daughter to hear.”

Rasida has begged Ola to seek help for his anger and control issues, and their case worker has offered Ola intensive support on several occasions, but he refuses to admit he has a problem. Until now, Rasida didn’t think she could leave. Ola told her she would be deported and have her daughter taken from her.

Now she knows the truth, Rasida does not want to live in fear anymore.

“My one wish, I wish safety for my baby and daughter. Next time he beats me, will he kill me?”
Her case worker urgently needs to get Rasida and her daughter into a shelter. It’s an intensive and dangerous process, requiring time, resources and careful planning to ensure a swift and safe escape.

This ‘above and beyond’ casework is only possible because of you and the Emergency Support Service.

It’s people like you who give Rasida the support she desperately needs to take this courageous leap.

Under the conditions of their spousal visa, women like Rasida are not eligible for urgent help. They simply do not ‘tick the boxes’.

You can give Rasida and her children a safety net through the Emergency Support Service.

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*We have changed names to protect the privacy of our clients

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