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Christmas Appeal 2018

    New arrivals to Australia face many challenges as they begin their settlement journey, often increasing the strain on

  • Winter Appeal 2018

      Since being forced to flee Afghanistan and later Pakistan with her family as a refugee in 2006, Shamsiya has worked hard to pursue her dreams in the face of the challenges associated with being

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  • Back to School Appeal

    At ARA we believe that supporting a child’s education is the best way to break the cycle of disadvantage. The ‘back to school’ period can be both chaotic and overwhelming. While many families experience

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    We rely on your donations to provide practical support for people from refugee backgrounds. Donate online or call us on 8354 2951.

How can I volunteer?

    ARA is seeking new volunteers to assist in the following areas: Homework Clubs, Youth Mentoring Program & Social Support Program.


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