Your EOFY tax donation will support refugees when no other options are available.


The Emergency Support Service has been a refuge for many, supporting vulnerable women and children to leave domestic violence, providing food for families struggling to put food on the table and finding accommodation for refugees who have become homeless.

Unfortunately, funds in the service are critically low. We desperately need your help to support courageous women, children and refugee families. The Emergency Support Service ensures no one falls through the cracks and everyone has a chance to rebuild their lives.

“We arrived in Adelaide with nothing. ARA found us a home and a school for the kids. They gave us food while I found a job. Now my children are safe away from the war.” Aleena, ARA client.

Our dedicated team supports refugees to find a home, gain employment, work through issues such as family domestic violence, homelessness and illiteracy and reunite with their loved ones.

We stand by the side with the vulnerable, helping them overcome trauma, uncertainty, and adversity to rebuild their lives and flourish.

Join us, and together we can provide refuge, opportunity and hope for those who need it most.

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