March 7, 2022

You can change everything for Rasida

Terrified to leave and terrified to stay. Rasida is pregnant and lives in fear of her abusive partner. Leaving a violent home is a dangerous process. You can give Rasida a swift and safe escape by donating to the Emergency Support Service today.
December 23, 2021

New videos explain COVID-19 vaccination in language

ARA's new videos feature a medical professional explaining the development, safety, side effects, and importance of COVID-19 vaccination.
December 20, 2021

2020-21 Annual Report: Helping Refugees Live,Work, Learn, Grow, Connect and Be Safe

We are excited to release our 2020-2021 report, which shows how we help refugees put the pieces of the settlement puzzle together. It's an opportunity to share not only what we do, but more importantly why we do it.
August 2, 2021
Three women from the Syrian community dancing to the opening theme of "Ask Aunty"

Community-led safety videos break new ground

The Australian Refugee Association, the University of Adelaide’s School of Public Health, the Burmese Chin community and the Syrian community have produced a series of safety videos, in language, about fire prevention and driving safety.
July 20, 2021

SA COVID Lockdown: Online and Phone Help During Office Closure

The ARA office will be closed for the SA COVID lockdown, but we can still help on the phone or online.
April 20, 2021

44 new Youth Ambassadors begin their year of challenges

44 new Youth Ambassadors begin their year of challenges The long awaited 6th ARA Youth Ambassador Camp in early April has set the scene for a […]
March 3, 2021

Extended until March 14: New Land, New Hope exhibition

Extended until March 14: New Land, New Hope exhibition it was wonderful to pay tribute recently to the people who shared their stories for our exhibition […]
December 22, 2020

New Land, New Hope

ARA and the Migration Museum present a new exhibition sharing the remarkable personal stories of some of the early refugees from the Horn of Africa region.
October 8, 2020

Helping students thrive through Homework Clubs

Remember how hard homework could be? The questions are difficult, there are time constraints and you don’t have your teacher on hand to help you when you when you get stuck.