Feb-March E-News


Salisbury Outpost

ARA now provides an outpost at Salisbury TAFE every Tuesday morning and Thursday during the school term. On Tuesday the service is provided by Sushil – ARA’s Bhutanese Bi Cultural Worker and Thursday by Roy – ARA’s Burmese Bi Cultural Worker. Clients from other countries are also very welcome to come for support as the workers will use the Telephone Interpreter Service to talk together. The workers can help people to understand and complete forms, provide information about settling in Australia or refer them to suitable services and programs for assistance.

Home Safety Program

ARA is currently providing home safety checks for parents with young children. An ARA worker will organise with clients to visit them at home and work though a safety checklist to explain possible dangers to children in their home. We can then show them ways in which they can reduce the risk of injuries or deaths occurring including some inexpensive equipment parents can buy to improve the safety of their home such as cupboard door locks and safety straps to secure televisions onto the wall.

Social Support Program

The Social Support Program links a family or individual of refugee background with a volunteer who visits them in the home on a regular basis. Volunteers typically support clients with their settlement by providing friendship, practical assistance, guidance and information. Currently the Program is in need of volunteers who are able to visit clients who are living in the Salisbury area and we would be grateful if you could help us spread the word. For more information, please visit http://www.australianrefugee.org/volunteer/.’

The Youth Services team would like to congratulate 3 young men on their successsful scholarships from Variety SA. Well done to Ali Sina, Seleman and Ali Massi for their sport scholarships. We wish you the best this year for your achievements in soccer and boxing.

We are delighted to hear of the good news stories and successful outcomes of our homework club students who finished school last year. They look forward to experiencing their first week of University next week and will be studying in Commerce and International Studies, Nursing, Aviation, Biomedical Science. Good luck to you all! A huge thank you to our volunteers who have been so supportive in helping these young people to achieve their dreams.