Youth Services


“I have received a lot of help from ARA’s youth team, who supported me with my citizenship application. The youth team was of an enormous help throughout the process, making it possible for me to become an Australian. They also offered support with starting my university studies by helping me enrol in courses, as it can be hard for a first year student to do so by themselves.”

“One of the things I did with ARA was tell my story as part of educating the community about refugees and asylum seekers. Before ARA, I had never told my story to anyone public wise but they encouraged me to stand up and tell my story and to be proud of who I am and my background.”

“Homework Club at Findon helped me with my Physics and Mathematics. I was very stressed about the work load of my subjects before going to the Homework Club, but the volunteers there provided lots of help to learn my topics well and become more confident.”

At ARA, we know that young people are our future and we also celebrate who they are today.

We care about supporting young people to overcome challenges and help them towards achieving their goals.

ARA is passionate about helping young people to succeed in life. We provide a range of one on one support and group programs to support young people with their education and employment pathways, as well as their safety, well-being and settlement in South Australia. The young people we work with are truly amazing and motivated to be connected to their local community. We also provide opportunities for our young people to become leaders in their local community, volunteer and engage in social participation.

Our programs and services for young people include:


Established in 2006, our key motivation for this program is to help young people to excel in their education. Our program has supported over 700 students and each year provides 280 sessions with healthy after school snacks! Our program’s success has been recognised in the Department of Social Services’ publication, “Empowering Refugees- A Good Guide to Humanitarian Settlement”.

Our Homework Club program provides free support to young people in high school from refugee backgrounds with their education. With 8 locations across the metropolitan region, young people can receive assistance with their homework after school from 4:00-6:00pm. Our dedicated volunteers provide tutoring support and friendship to students as they aim to increase their literacy and numeracy skills and transition into formal education in Australia.

Every year, we are delighted to see young people who have worked hard and completed their SACE go on to employment and higher education.

Our program is delivered in a community setting so that young people from all schools can access our clubs. Fresh fruit and after school snacks are provided along with computers, internet and printing access.

Our partners help make this program a success: The University of Adelaide, The University of South Australia, Salisbury Council, Twelve25 Salisbury Youth Centre, Playford Council, Charles Sturt Council, Port Adelaide Enfield Council, West Torrens Council and all the partners’ staff members who are supportive and welcoming every week!


Our social workers and youth workers can provide support to young people in a one on one capacity to help with a variety of issues that affect young people. Our staff are trained in cultural and religious awareness and also follow a restorative practice model to help young people.

If young people would like additional support, we can also support their family members so that we can offer a holistic and culturally appropriate practice for young people.

Some of our staff are bi-lingual and so can help young people in their first language. We also have access to interpreters.

To discuss how we can support you or a young person you know, please contact the Manager of Youth Services on 8354 2951. Eligibility for this services applies.


We provide young people with one on one support or group workshops to help young people become prepared for employment in Australia. From writing resumes and cover letters to practicing interview skills and delivering workshops based on coffee making, customer service and career specific information, our young people develop skills to navigate the employment industry in Australia. We can also help young people to resolve issues with their employers.


In addition to our largest and most successful program, Homework Club, we provide one on one support for young people. This can include:

• Support to enrol in school or relocate to a new school
• Re-entry meetings with young people and/or their parents
• Bullying or issues with racism at school
• Subject choices
• Applying for higher education through SATAC
• School fees and education costs
• Stationery supplies


We focus on young people’s opinions and requests for activities and ensure that our programs meet their needs. Our activities will vary each school holiday break to cater for young people’s ideas. We deliver activities that include indoor rock climbing, adventure courses, picnics, cooking classes, sport, Christmas and Easter parties and more!

All of our activities are free for young people. Contact the Youth Services Department to find out about what activities are coming up!


We can also provide material and financial assistance to young people in the form of:

• Stationery Supplies
• Education Fees (criteria applies)
• Bills (criteria applies, limited assistance available)
• Food Hampers
• Blankets
• Emergency Supplies

** Please note materials and financial assistance may be second hand but in good condition and are limited, with varied availability throughout the year.


Getting your Learners License offers an opportunity for young people to increase their connectedness to the community, become more independent and enhance their employability. The young people we support are often the first to learn how to drive in their family. Our course is delivered over 3 days and we accompany participants to complete their test on the 4th day. The course is free but participants must pay for their test and license.

Our program is available to young people aged 16-30 years old from refugee backgrounds who have lived in Australia for less than 5 years.

The workshop includes give way scenarios, multiple choices, road rules and meeting a police officer. Our trainer has over 7 years’ experience delivering this workshop, with a very high success rate. We can also deliver this program in Nepali and Arabic.


The youth mentoring program pairs young adults from refugee backgrounds (18-25) with members of the community for friendship, conversation and social support. After undergoing an orientation and induction at ARA, mentors can be flexible in determining when they catch up with their mentees and identifying mutual interests. Our mentors and mentees have explored Adelaide together, attended sporting matches and practiced English by chatting over coffee. Given the
challenges that many young people face during the settlement journey, mentoring plays an important role in making new connections, building independence and developing a sense of belonging.

Group mentoring events also take place through the year, with parties and other activities bringing participants in the program together to have fun and share their experiences.


This workshop provides cultural and religious awareness training with a focus on youth. Why is it called “The Privilege”?? We believe it is an absolute privilege to work with young people from around the world and believe that cultural awareness is key to being able to connect with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse youth.

This is an ideal workshop for teachers, school counsellors, youth workers and any other professionals working with young people from diverse backgrounds. For more information, please see our Training section.


The Be Strong, Be Safe program is a series of 8 workshops relating to the safety and well-being of young people from refugee backgrounds. ARA has facilitated this successful program for over 5 years, working closely with schools and communities. The workshops are interactive, culturally appropriate and youth friendly. These sessions are run separately for young men and women and are tailored to meet the needs of young people. Group work is very effective and allows
participants to support each other and share ideas and opinions. This flexible program can fit into school curriculum, after school programs or during school camps. Trained in restorative practice, our youth workers will facilitate the program, where teachers or other staff members such as counsellors can also be involved, enabling the building of relationships between school staff and students.

Topics include: Exploring types of violence, safety and self-defense methods, coping with stress and emotions, dealing with bullying and racism, body image and the media, cross cultural interaction, self-identity and self-esteem, healthy relationships, sexual health, Australian law.

Each session runs for approximately 2 hours