Community Support Program (CSP)

ARA is an Approved Proposing Organization under the Department of Home Affairs Community Support Program (CSP). The CSP enables communities, business owners, families and individuals to propose humanitarian applicants with employment prospects, and support them in their settlement journey in Australia. To be considered for the program, the Australian proposer must demonstrate their ability to adequately support the new arrivals to achieve finial self-sufficiency within their first year of settlement in Australia.

The Australian Refugee Association is one of 11 APOs appointed by the Department of Home Affairs. ARA will deliver services in accordance with the obligations set by the Department of Home Affairs. We strive to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and will assist the Australia Supporter wherever necessary to enhance the chances of success. As an APO, ARA will work alongside the Australian proposer to provide the required settlement services to new arrivals, to ensure they meet the self-sufficiency requirements of their first year in Australia.
What is ARA’s role?
As an APO, our role includes:
• linking employers with prospective humanitarian applicants;
• providing migration support and preparing application for lodgement, lodging visa applications, and liaising with the Department of Home Affairs
• ensuring the provision and management of settlement services following arrival in Australia; and
• assisting entrants to become financially independent within the first 12 months of arrival.
What is your role?
Australian supporters can either nominate a refugee for proposal under the CSP and/or are required to demonstrate their capacity to propose and provide financial support to applicants included in the visa in order for the new arrivals to achieve financial stability within their first twelve months in Australia. The Australian supporter will be required to collaborate with ARA throughout the application and settlement process to ensure efficient and timely lodgement and integration into Australian society.

In order to be considered as an Australian Supporter, the person must
• not be an illegal maritime arrival who arrived in Australia after the 13th August 2012
• provide evidence of ability to support all applicants upon arrival in Australia
• provide financial support and contribute to the payment of all Visa Application Fees and APO Fees
• provide alternative support to applicants including household goods, accommodation and in kind support
• providing/sourcing an Assurer of Support to provide financial sponsorship for the application
Who can apply?
CSP applicants must align with the regional, global and settlement priorities of the Australian Government, and be able to satisfy all Class XB (subclass 202) visa criteria.

Potential CSP applicants are not required to have existing links to Australia, and can be identified by an individual (such as a family member in Australia), a community organisation or a business with an interest in supporting refugees (known as ‘Australian supporter’) or by the APO.

The APO will screen potential applicants and Australian supporters against the requirements of the CSP and ensure suitable support is available for the applicant before proposing the applicant/s by lodging a Class XB (subclass 202) visa application.

The main applicant should:
• be aged between 18 and 50
• have functional English
• have an offer of employment (or a pathway that leads to employment) or have personal attributes that would enable them to become financially self-sufficient within 12 months of arrival in Australia
• be from a priority resettlement caseload.
What are the Costs?
ARA will address this criterion intensively to determine if the Australian Supporter has the financial capacity to cover all application and settlement costs. ARA will consider whether the applicants will be able to achieve financial self-sufficiency within the first 12 months of arrival in Australia, with the support of the Australian Supporter.

The Australian Supporter will incur costs for things such as
• Visa Application Charges
• Medical and DNA Screenings
• Airfares
• Settlement Services

An exhaustive list of potential costs incurred will be provided to all Australian Supporters who are successful with their Expression of Interest Form. The costs table for fees associated with the application can be downloaded below.  
Download CSP Pricing
What can you do to help?
As the global refugee crisis continues to intensify around the world, we as an organisation encourage the Australian public to participate and provide support.

You can do this by
• providing financial support for new arrivals within the first 12 months of settlement in Australia,
• being a visa sponsor
• providing employment offer for a potential visa applicant
• providing in-kind support upon arrival in Australia
• providing accommodation or basic needs support

As one of the key criteria for this visa is the offer of employment, or a pathway which leads to employment, ARA encourages any businesses, partnerships and sole traders to extend their support to our organisation and potential applicants. We welcome inquiries from businesses that are willing to provide employment to applicants with the relevant skills and/or qualification.

Please note, all employers must be aware that they must comply with all FairWork Legislation related to matter which affect employment and must adhere to the National Employment Standards within the Fair Work Act 2009.

Please contact our offices if you feel your workplace or organisation can assist and provide support to applicants under this program.
What is the Expression of Interest Form?
The Expression of Interest (EOI) Form is an initial assessment undertaken by ARA. The Australian Supporter is required to complete the EOI and submit it for assessment with the EOI Payment. The EOI informs ARA of your intention to participate in the CSP and allows ARA to assess the circumstances of the Main Applicant and Australian Supporter against the eligibility criteria and requirements of the CSP.
How to Lodge the Expression of Interest?
The EOI can be lodged online, via email or in person. All EOI lodgements must be accompanied by a payment of $275.
The EOI is only available in English. If you have trouble submitting the EOI by yourself, please visit ARA Help Desk for assistance. ARA staff can support you with the completion and submission of the form, and provide interpreting services if necessary.

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Download Expression of Interest Form