Our Staff

Kirsten Bickendorf Chief Executive Officer
Christine Kelly Personal Assistant to the CEO

Administration Services

Semira Julardzija Deputy CEO & Migration Manager
Saleena Thakor Accountant
Asmira Bekric Payroll & HR Officer

Community Development & Employment

Craig Heidenreich Senior Manager – Community Development
Dusko Cuckovic Manager – Employment & Housing Pathways
Christian Dewar Employment Service Officer
Tracey Fitzgerald Project Officer – Cultural Support Groups

Community Engagement & Marketing

Cassie Magin Manager – Relationships & Social Investment
Ben Matthews Graphic Design & IT
Carly Squire Youth & Community Engagement Officer
Tamara Mascarenhas Community Engagement & Events Officer
Deborah Tranter Volunteer Officer
Rachel Nyiramugishi ARA Youth Ambassador

Client Services

Sandra Dzafic Senior Manager – Client Services
Karen Kretschmer Client Services Manager
Jennifer Kyte Complex Case Support Coordinator
Kate Carter Complex Case Support Case Manager
Louiza Hebhardt Family and Relationship Counsellor
Rachel Saliba Family Wellbeing Case Manager
Nicolette Fluris Intake & Case Management Officer
Joni Cottrell Social Support Program & Project Officer Community Leadership
Sushil Niroula Bicultural Case Worker
Roy Peng Nawl Bicultural Case Worker
Halia Rohany-Azizi Bicultural Case Worker
Modeste Hutungimana Bicultural Case Worker
Jamila Towfiqi Bicultural Case Worker
Hind Suleiman Bicultural Case Worker


Davorka Krecinic Migration Agent
Tamara van Mil-Koops Migration Agent

Youth Services

Dijana Karaahmetovic Manager – Youth Services & Cultural Awareness
Kevser Pirbudak Youth Bicultural Worker and Project Officer
Mohsen Abdel-Meseh Youth Bicultural Worker and Project Officer
Amber Poudel Youth Bicultural Worker and Project Officer
Jack Hodges Youth Project Officer
Calie Herrmann Youth Project Officer