Christmas Appeal 2018


New arrivals to Australia face many challenges as they begin their settlement journey, often increasing the strain on families as they negotiate a new culture and country. At ARA we believe in empowering courageous people by working towards eliminating the factors which exacerbate the difficulties they face.

One of ARA’s priorities is to work with women, children and community groups from new and emerging communities (NEC) to settle successfully. ARA delivers the Family Wellbeing Program (FWP), Family and Relationship Counselling, Community Services Support Program (CSSP) and the Building Stronger Safer Communities (BSSC) Program.

These programs offer a range of tailored support from crisis intervention, intensive case management, individual counselling, and women’s support groups, to capacity building through education in communities. Our Client Services team works in collaboration with external service providers including SAPOL, Women’s Legal Services, Legal Services Commission, Women’s Safety Services SA, Domestic Violence Specialists, Homelessness Gateway and various non-statutory support services.

Female clients who have engaged with ARA services frequently report that a lack of access to transport is a major factor in accessing services. With your help ARA can provide driver training to women who are especially vulnerable, to:
• Gain independence and confidence
• Attend to child care requirements
• Reduce social isolation
• Improve employment prospects
• Improve access to domestic, family and sexual violence (DFSV) specific related services
• Have the resources to help other women experiencing violence and trauma.

You can help us to empower refugee women by donating $150 to support ARA’s Learner Driver Program and assist women in gaining a skill we take for granted.

Funds can also help us to provide childcare services to refugee women so that they can participate in the Learner Driver Program.

“I get control over my life. I can go out not waiting for someone to drive me around. I feel free”
-Female participant, Learner Driver Program

By working together with people like you, we can maintain and expand our services to refugee women and children experiencing trauma, starting with the most vulnerable.

Will you help us to support vulnerable families with a donation?

Your generous gift today could:
• Purchase learner driver lessons. A gift of $150 can provide learner driver training to empower women isolated by domestic, family and sexual violence.
• Help with child care. A gift of $100 can provide child care for 3 hours.
• A gift of $50 can provide 1 hour of case management support from a trained social worker.

Please make a donation today.

You can make your gift by clicking the donate button at the top of the page.

As a dedicated donor, your continued support will make a difference to women and children in South Australia. We really could not do this without you. On behalf of all of us at ARA we thank you and wish you a peaceful and happy festive season.

If you or someone you know, is experiencing violence and needs help or support, please contact 1800 RESPECT. Call 000 for Police and Ambulance help if you are in immediate danger.