Back to School Appeal

At ARA we believe that supporting a child’s education is the best way to break the cycle of disadvantage.

The ‘back to school’ period can be both chaotic and overwhelming. While many families experience excitement at the prospect of returning to school, others are burdened with the costs associated such as school fees, uniforms, textbooks and stationary.

Through ARA’s Scholarship Program we work alongside families to minimise the stress that arise during this period. We do this by providing financial and material support to hundreds of clients and their children. We also provide alternative support through ARA’s Homework Clubs. The Clubs provide a safe environment and quiet study spaces for students to receive support for their education. Many of the children we support have never participated in formal education, and we help them adjust to the Australian Education System and school culture by linking them with volunteer tutors. Here they are supported with learning english and their school homework. The program helps build skills, knowledge, motivation, self-belief and a broad network of peers.

Through these clubs, we know the challenges faced by children and young people regarding their education. We know that poverty and financial obstacles are one of the key reasons young people defer their studies. Families struggle to pay for tuition fees, school uniforms and shoes, books and resources. Children and young people living in disadvantage have access to fewer books and learning materials in the home.

Our goal is to ensure that no child has to face this. We want all young people to have a positive school experience and provided with the means and motive to pursue the educational and career opportunities offered in Australia. This is crucial in creating a productive and culturally rich Australian society.

You can contribute to the education of child today and help them reach their full potential by supporting ARA’s Scholarship Program. Every dollar makes a difference when educating the minds of our newest and youngest Australians.