Can you help Viola protect her young brothers and sisters who are alone and in danger?

Viola* (pictured) is a beautiful 27 year old who has been through more than anyone should have. Right now her brothers and sisters are at risk and Viola needs your help to bring them to safety. Here is her brave story.

Viola grew up in Congo with her family and many friends. During the war her mother and step-father were murdered and she lost contact with all her siblings in the panicked rush to run from the fighting.

As a young refugee woman, Viola risked her life every day, travelling through Congo and Malawi all alone. She was vulnerable and experienced the trauma of abuse and unspeakable violence.

After a few years of this, Viola arrived in Australia, pregnant, scared and on a visa for women at risk. It saved her life.

Viola quickly started looking for her brothers and sisters through the Red Cross and found that 5 of her siblings were refugees in Uganda and 2 were still missing. She was so relieved to hear some news but she knew that with the eldest being only 15, the kids were not safe.

Not only that, they were also sick. Two of them had malaria, two were malnourished and they didn’t have access to any medical support.

Viola sent money for their medical treatment but because they had no one to stand up for them, the money was misused by local services and they didn’t get treatment.

Viola was forced to keep sending money in the hope that some would get through, but without an adult looking after them, she knows their future is quite scary. Just the other day Viola heard one of her sisters survived an attempted rape only because her younger brother protected her.

This is exactly why Viola needs your help to bring her family to safety.

Please make a Christmas donation today by clicking here. The ARA Migration Team are working on the technical documents of bringing the family together and we are making good progress, but we need your help to cover the cost of fees, medical checks and more for Viola and many other families in a similar situation.

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*Client’s name has been changed and photo distorted to protect her identity.