Refugee Week 2013

Welcome to our e-campaign for Refugee Week 2013!

This time last year we ran our first Refugee Week online campaign through Facebook and email and we were greatly encouraged that so many of you shared our Refugee Week pictures.

That is exactly why we run this campaign. We want to make a positive noise and show our support for our friends and neighbours from a refugee background.

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Please also read on for ideas on how to celebrate Refugee Week.



Our focus for this year is on courage. Each day we hear heart-breaking stories from clients who have fled countries of violence and unrest. But the underlying theme in each of these stories of survival is one of courage in the face on extreme adversity.

We love this quote by Antonio Guterras, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

“While every refugee’s story is different and their anguish personal, they all share a common thread of uncommon courage – the courage not only to survive, but to persevere and rebuild their shattered lives.”


Stories of Courage – thanks for your support

Last Christmas we shared with our supporters the story of local schoolgirl Amina who was separated from her parents 12 years ago during an attack in her hometown in Somalia. Both parents were believed to be dead and Amina fled Somalia with her aunty.

Only recently Amina found out that her mother survived the attack and was alive and living in a refugee camp. Amina was desperate to be reunited with her mother but we needed funds to help her and many others start this process. Thanks to your generosity we were able to do just that. We have put in the relevant applications and they have been transferred overseas which is usually a good sign. It is still being processed but we are hopeful that we have good news to share soon.


In June last year we shared the story of Pordeel who had fled Afghanistan and eventually made it safely to Australia via Pakistan. Pordeel was urgently searching for work so he could earn some money and be reunited with his family who were still stuck in Pakistan. We needed funds to help find jobs for Pordeel and many others.

The good news is that after some work experience, workplace English classes and other training, Pordeel managed to secure some work at a car yard. We wanted to thank all those who made a donation at tax time last year.



How to celebrate Refugee Week 2013


ARA Oration – Friday 21st June, Elder Hall Adelaide

Celebrate Refugee Week 2013 at the ARA Oration featuring Jon Jureidini, who will explore the topic “To be a decent citizen”. Jon is a child psychiatrist at the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Come and hear his thought-provoking oration on the effects of immigration detention. Click here for more information on the Oration and to book your seat.


Walk Together 2013

The Walk Together 2013 event recognises that if we’re all people, we’re all equal. ARA is proudly supporting this walk organised by Welcome to Australia. The walk will start from North Terrace in front of Parliament House and continue to Rymill Park (corner Rundle Street and East Terrace) on Saturday 22nd June 2013 at 1pm. Click here for more information on the activities planned.


Celebrating your way – any date and time



•   Invite a friend over and cook a meal from another country including a few facts about the region. Include lots of colour and music to add to the
    cultural fun
  Why not try some special recipes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to some of our staff members, you can learn how to make a Bosnian     pot (Bosanski lonac) and Spinach pie (Zeljanica). For those of you who love a good dessert, try Tufahije, a quick and easy to make apple     desert. Click here for the recipe.
•   Click here to view some Afghani recipes or some Vietnamese recipes
•   Take the opportunity to get to know a refugee families you’ve been meaning to catch up with – invite them over for dinner, a coffee or have a
    play date in the park


Give back

•   Fundraise to help us support people of refugee backgrounds
•   At home – hold a special morning tea, lunch or dinner with friends and ask them to donate the amount they would spend if they were out at a
•   At work – hold a sausage sizzle, casual day or morning tea and donate proceeds to ARA
•   Encourage your local group at church, sport or school to fundraise
•   Make a donation – click here to donate
•   Volunteer at ARA and lend a practical hand to those who are settling into life in Australia. Click here to have a look at some of our current
    volunteering vacancies.


Learn more

  Read a book about the Refugee experience or read it as part of your book club. Good Reads have a selection of books related to this theme,
    click here to view. Or click here to visit the Refugee Council of Australia for their list of books to read.
  Watch a movie about the Refugee experience or get your hands on a copy of Season 1 or 2 of ‘Go Back To Where You Came from’ where
    ‘Six prominent and outspoken Australians take a life-risking refugee journey.’ Click here for details.
  Learn more about asylum seekers by watching the new documentary ‘Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’. Click here for details.

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How do I get involved from interstate?

If you’re interstate, don’t worry, check out to see what’s happening in your local area.
We’d love to receive stories and photos from your celebration. Email with the details.

Who is the Australian Refugee Association (ARA)?

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