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Can you help Tizane get a job so he can look after his young family?

Tizane, his wife and young son are in Australia without any other support and very little money.

Tizane is desperately searching for work so he can support his family.

In fact, along with Tizane, there are 53 more of our refugee friends who need jobs by the 30th of June.

Each person comes from a different part of the world, each with their own story of survival against the odds.

Part of our work is to sit down with them and make a plan of what would help them to get a job. This might include writing a resume, getting work experience, practicing for interviews or learning workplace English.

We then help them action each step. As you can imagine, this takes a significant amount of time, money and expertise.

Ideally Tizane would like to work for an abattoir but there are number of steps that need to happen before that.

Please make a donation today so we can help him and 53 others find work before 30th June. Click here or call us on 08 8354 2951 today.

Your donations are vital in helping our refugee friends find jobs and rebuild their lives. Small or large, anything you can give is valuable and urgently needed. Thank you.