Can you help us reunite Amina (pictured) with her mother?

Twelve years ago, Amina’s father was killed and she was separated from her mother during an attack in Somalia. Amina grew up thinking her mother didn’t survive the conflict but recently found out she is actually alive.

Amina is desperate to see her mother again but to support her we need your help.
Our Family Reunification Fund is running very low and without this money, we will not be able to help Amina and others like her.

What makes this even more urgent is that early next year Amina turns 18 and will lose priority in being reunited with her family as she will be considered an adult. This means there will be even less chance of her seeing her mother again.

To make a donation, please click here or call us on 8354 2951.


Amina’s story

Amina and her Aunt escaped Somalia and eventually arrived in Australia when she was 14. They continued their search for news of family members separated by the conflict when they found out that Amina’s mother had made it out alive and was living in a refugee camp in Kenya!

Amina was thrilled with this news but now she needs our help to see her mother again.


Our involvement

Amina has been involved in ARA’s youth programs for some time and is one of our loveliest clients. After hearing the story of her family’s separation, we knew we had to help her but our urgent need is to build up donations in our Family Reunification Fund. Having readily available funds means we can promptly fill in long applications and go through complicated processes so Amina and others like her won’t have to endure more of the agonising wait.


Will you join with us?

Please help us bring Amina and her mother together by making a donation today. Amina’s mother has missed so much in the last 12 years and Amina’s biggest dream is to be reunited with her.

Your gift this Christmas will:

  • help bring hope to families who have already suffered more than most
  • be a practical example of how we support people from refugee backgrounds in Australia
  • go straight to work in family reunification and other key support areas
  • be fully tax deductible (over $2)

Please make a donation today by clicking here or calling us on 8354 2951 as soon as possible.

*Client’s name has been changed.